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House Clean? Business Lean? Quarantine.

Updated: May 15, 2023

How are you responding to COVID-19 as a business, employer or employee?

The coronavirus has come into our lives like an unwanted guest, and with no foreseeable end in sight, it has brought a whole new meaning to overstaying one’s welcome. Initially seen as an Asia problem, COVID-19 has quickly escalated to become a global issue.

There is almost no sector that would not have felt the effects of COVID-19, however, some have been hit a lot harder than others, while some sectors are even thriving amongst the current turmoil.

Regardless, if you are a cog in the corporate machine, a startup founder or a freelance worker, the current situation would have affected you. At best, you may have been forced to work from home for an extended period and at worst, you may have been on the wrong end of layoffs.  

The current situation is unprecedented, and there will be both seasoned leaders and relatively inexperienced startup founders that are facing challenges that they hadn’t bargained on at the beginning of the year. During this time, making the right decision will be tough, as businesses walk a tightrope between compassion and cost-cutting measures.

At present, the focus should be to protect your health and well-being and those around you. The current financial losses are not trivial matters, but without health, there will be no wealth.

As an early-stage venture capital firm, we are fanatical about the measures companies take to remain relevant, successful, and sustainable. We would like to find out more about how business and people are dealing with the current state of affairs.  

If you are a leader of a large company, a startup founder, a freelance worker or anywhere in between, please share your current business/employment story with us. We would like to learn how companies have dealt with the current situation in both a positive and negative way.

Let’s start the conversation and hoping there will be some mutual benefit and learning for everyone, regardless of where you find yourself on the employment spectrum.

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