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Hospital-backed accelerator open applications for global digital health and medical device startups

Updated: May 15, 2023

BE Accelerator, a growth-focused program and venture fund based in Taiwan for healthcare, opens a global call for its POC (Proof of Concept) Program until December 31, 2021.

BE Accelerator has opened applications to their hospital-backed POC (Proof of Concept) program for product or prototype-ready startups that are looking for traction in the Asian market.

The Taiwan-based program was launched in 2018 and has since supported 72 healthcare startups, raising US$81.7 Million. The program leverages the unique strengths of the thriving ecosystem to position the accelerator as the gateway to Asia for both local and international startups.

By combining both an accelerator and venture fund approach, BE can provide startups with growth opportunities and financial resources to thrive. The main focus of the POC program is to help startups define unmet clinical needs and market strategies.

The accelerator program offers startups a unique opportunity to engage directly with hospital resources. The program collaborates with two prominent hospital systems in Taiwan, namely Taipei Medical University and Show Chwan Healthcare System. Collectively, the collaboration boasts 15 hospitals, giving startups unparalleled access to hospital facilities.

The startups selected for the POC Program will be allocated to one of the hospital partners in accordance with their specific focus area. Taipei Medical University has a focus on working with startups in the areas of digital health, artificial intelligence and medical devices. Show Chwan Healthcare System is dedicated to working with startups that focus on minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery and smart surgical room solutions.

Arthur Chen, the managing partner at the BE Health Ventures encourages startups to explore Asia as he said, “COVID-19 has accelerated the digitization of healthcare, impactful medical technologies are set to deliver essential new value propositions. We invite innovative startups from all over the world to present their breakthrough ideas here in Taiwan and Asia."

The program offering has adapted over the years to cater to the changing needs of startups, but the fundamentals have stayed constant as the aim is to help startups explore Asian market opportunities.

The main features of the POC Program include:

Extended Duration

Program timeline that is more feasible to success within the healthcare space.

Access to Funding

Potential initial investment, with access to follow-on funding.

Hospital Resources

Direct access to hospital resources for clinical trials and pilot sites.

Asian Market Focus

Unique insights and networks centered around the Asian market.

Healthcare Specific

Program resources that are exclusively tailored for healthcare.


Helping teams achieve specific objectives to expand their market.

Mentor Network

One-to-one guidance from healthcare, IRCAD, and Biodesign experts.

Office Space

24/7 access to secure co-workspace and meeting room facilities.

Due to current travel constraints and restrictions, the POC Program will also be available to startups as a virtual program. BE will work with founders on a case-to-case basis to understand their needs and tailor a program to help them achieve their specific milestones.

Applications for the program are currently open. The deadline for companies to apply is December 31, 2021. The program will officially kick off in March 2022 for companies selected to participate in the program.

For those interested to learn more or to submit an application, please visit the program website at

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