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Heroic-Faith Secures Financing Round as the COVID-19 Pandemic Creates a Need for Remote Monitoring

Updated: May 15, 2023

Breaking the limits of the traditional stethoscope, for continuous, remote, and smart lung sound monitoring.

Heroic-Faith Medical Science Co., Ltd., a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions designed to assist physicians, patients and healthcare facilities in the identification and management of abnormal breathing sounds, announced the close of its first financing round. Spurred on by the current COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent need for remote patient monitoring, particularly respiratory function, the Taiwan-based company secured investment for US$4 million. The investment was led by the Integral Group, a financial services company that is focused on high growth startups. The round also saw investment from AmTRAN, a world leader in LCD manufacturing, Top Taiwan Venture Capital, one of the largest VC firm in Taiwan and TAYA Venture Capital, the venture arm of the TAYA Electric Wire & Cable Group.

Heroic-Faith Logo
Heroic- Faith addressing the need for remote patient monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heroic-Faith uses deep learning and other forms of AI to develop algorithms that assist in the identification of normal and adventitious lung sounds, such as inhalation, exhalation, wheeze, stridor and crackles. The technology is also able to respond to excessive respiratory rate, slow respiratory rate, respiratory cessation and respiratory disorders such as chronic lung obstruction, asthma, pneumonia and pulmonary edema.

Heroic-Faith Device
Heroic-Faith: Remote Patient Monitoring System

As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the need for remote monitoring and evaluating respiratory function, Heroic-Faith has been able to collect over 500,000 breath sounds from multiple medical centers in Taiwan for labeling and analysis over the last 6-month period. This is as they maintain focus on constantly improving the AI continuous respiratory monitoring and expanding the AI-oriented assisted application.

Heroic-Faith has developed a mobile application that can function on a stand-alone machine, which can be used for respiratory monitoring in the areas of anesthesia, apnea alert, intensive care units, isolation wards, and even continuous breath monitoring at home.

Last November, the product was clinically used for non-intubation anesthesia surgery and examination at different medical centers in Taiwan. It has been identified that life-threatening symptoms can be found one minute earlier than traditional respiratory monitoring methods, which is incredibly valuable for patient outcomes.

The multichannel continuous respiratory monitoring system designed by Heroic-Faith has been used on patients with COVID-19, in a bid to eliminate the traditional method of auscultation that rendered challenging due to PPE, isolation protocols and the increase burden of infection that is placed on medical personnel.

Arthur Chen, the Executive Director of BE Capital, an early financial backer said, “Heroic Faith’s medical AI product has a wide range of clinical needs. They are one of the few smart medical equipment teams in the world that focuses on "breath sound". Applying their continuous AI breathing detection system, it not only allows the doctors to examine the patient's condition at a long distance when diagnosing COVID19, but also reduces the risk of respiratory system damage (Respiratory Compromise), caused by careless monitoring, during the sleep anesthesia or non-intubation anesthesia operation.”

Heroic-Faith continues to extend their presence in the US, by cooperating with the Sleep Clinical Center of Stanford University to advance sleep medical research. They also continue to look for relationships with US based partners and venture firms by attending events such as the CES 2020 Smart Medical Highlights Team Exhibition. For more information, visit

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