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Go Big or Go Home

Updated: May 15, 2023

In the past few months, BE has grown its footprint in terms of location, partnerships, and team members. In keeping up with this 'growing' trend, we are excited to announce that our first batch for the new decade will be our biggest thus far.

BE Accelerator is ecstatic to welcome 20 new startups into our latest batch that will kick off at the beginning of this month. As this is the largest cohort that we have onboarded, our program will be slightly extended and run over five months. We believe that this will give our startups more time to engage with the local ecosystems and foster collaborative relationships with our hospital partners as they look to establish pilot sites across Taiwan.

Since the inception of our accelerator in 2018, the BE team has worked exceptionally hard in trying to establish meaningful partnerships with hospitals in Taiwan. The endless meetings, midnight emails, and numerous hospital visits have culminated in establishing collaborative partnerships with Taipei Medical University and Show Chwan Healthcare System.

Our latest batch will certainly reap the benefits of this toil, as our hospital partners will be directly involved in our program. By helping startup teams gain access to medical expertise, medical resources, and potential pilot sites we are excited by this collaboration.

Wayne Huang, President (IRCAD Taiwan) welcomes the teams on behalf of the Show Chwan Healthcare System.

The startups have been divided into two groups and assigned to a specific hospital based on their solutions. The teams focused on digital health and AI will be part of the Taipei Medical University track, and those focused on minimally invasive surgery and medical devices will be part of the Show Chwan Healthcare System track.

We trust that our unparalleled access to hospital facilities, research institutes, investors, healthcare experts, and other industry stakeholders will help these early-stage startups establish a proof of concept, as they look to make an impact in the healthcare landscape.

The Startups in Batch #4:

Startups Team for Taipei Medical University

GenerationsE (Canada)

GenerationsE is a Canadian based company developing AI-driven cancer diagnostic solutions for pathologists, empowering them with deep learning and digital pathology technologies. They aim to drive pathology development which will ultimately benefit patients with fast, accurate, and affordable cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Aiphas (Taiwan)

Aiphas uses thermal sensing technology to monitor the in-bed activity of patients and ward environments continuously, without impeding on privacy concerns. By applying a self-developed AI algorithm to detect patients' continuous behavior and ward environments, they can ensure patient-safety protection and ward-safety management.

Wolf Dataware (Taiwan)

Wolf Dataware provides a tool to support data management and analysis in precision medicine. To ensure patients get the best quality of cell therapy, hospitals and cell manufacturers need to use data to support every decision and provide continuous validation throughout the treatment. The platform helps speed up the decision process by providing a solution that negates the traditional use of paper documents by makes the process electronic.

mProbe (USA)

mProbe provides proactive health management innovation and services. They detect potential health hazards, assess the risk of illness, and provide personalized interventions to prevent illness and promote health. Solutions are based on two advanced technologies, models based on 60 million HER databases and advanced MS-based omics technology.

AdvMeds (Taiwan)

AdvMeds focuses on integrating medical and healthcare services through ICT. They provide smart health IT solutions to help clients improve their quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of care services. Their solutions include cloud HIS, smart personalized care platform called mPHR cloud, Smart Health KIOSK, Personalized care APP, and medical device linkage IoT solutions (LinkBox).

AcuSense (Taiwan)

AcuSense has committed to providing a safer medical environment for patients and healthcare professionals. Their product combines wearable medical devices, a multi-bed IoT monitor system, and an AI-based algorithm to effectively improve medical safety and quality of care.

Dentall (Taiwan)

Dental is focused on working with doctors and engineers to facilitate a digital transformation in the field of dentistry. By utilizing a SaaS clinical management system and AI technology, they aid diagnosis and provide next-generation digital dental care.

Neurobit Technologies (Taiwan)

Neurobit has developed hardware and software solutions, offering a comprehensive neurofunctional digital diagnostic system to deliver detailed monitoring and data analytics for early diagnosis of brain diseases. They aim to solve unmet neuro-clinical needs and offer a unique solution to professionals, patients, and insurance companies.

Singular Wings Medical (Taiwan)

Singular Wings Medical utilizes hardware design, software development, and cloud platform services to facilitate better healthcare outcomes. Currently, they are focused on ECG signal sensing and application to provide insights about fitness and exercise, emotional management, medical care analysis, and tracking.

Inochi Care (India)

Inochi Care is an India based company developing an affordable, efficient, multi-therapeutic technology for the healing of non- healing chronic wounds. The device facilitates the accelerated healing of medically complex wounds like diabetic foot ulcers, pressure sores, and infectious wounds.  This is achieved by exudate removal, reducing inflammation and edema, enhancing cell proliferation and tissue perfusion, and controlling microbial growth.

Sharon Yi, Project Lead (Taipei Medical University) explains that innovation is at the core of the TMU ethos.

Startup Teams for Show Chan Healthcare System

Bosomeer Biotech (Taiwan)

Bosomeer Biotech provides a solution to address the increased risk of cardiovascular disease as a result of radiotherapy administered during breast cancer treatment. Their solution is PERSBRA, a personalized cardiopulmonary sparing device for breast cancer patients during radiotherapy.

Funique VR (Taiwan)

Funique VR uses virtual reality technology to tackle the worldwide challenge of extending the reach of minimally invasive surgery by easing the learning curve for surgeons. They have created educational content with their proprietary technology, allowing surgeons to experience and learn from 3D training before dealing directly with patients.

RelaJet Tech (Taiwan)

RelaJet focuses on helping hearing aid users in situations where they are exposed to multi-speaker scenarios. When placed in these situations, users often have difficulty following conversations and understanding language. They have developed a speech separation engine to separate voices individually, allowing hearing aid users to focus on listening to the specific person’s voice and greatly improve their language understanding.

WellGen Medical (Taiwan)

WellGen Medical is a device company that focuses on terminating tuberculosis (TB) globally by utilizing smart microscope technology and cloud computing. In conjunction with their smart medical microscope, cloud computing, and big data analysis they can better facilitate the disease identification process.

BRAXX Biotech (Taiwan)

BRAXX Biotech focuses on developing a new generation of brachytherapy applicator for radioactive cancer treatment. They are a pioneer in tailoring medical products for esophageal cancer in Asia, where it poses a sizable healthcare burden. The therapeutic management of esophageal cancer is challenging and requires innovative treatment tools.

De Novo Orthopedics (Taiwan)

De Novo Orthopedics provides a total solution for rotator cuff repair (RCR) surgery. Currently, they provide two solutions, PressEven augment and CollaGrowth ECM patch to facilitate greater success rates in this type of surgery.

TendMIN (Taiwan)

TendMIN has developed a solution to reduce recovery time and improve surgery outcomes, enabling sports lovers to thrive. Their solution is an ultrasound-guided minimally invasive medical device for Achilles tendon rupture. The device can shorten the wound size, reduce recovery time, and decrease the chances of infection.

SmartXLab (Taiwan)

SmartXLab is focused on developing a curated marketplace, exclusively focused on the healthcare needs of senior citizens. The platform will provide turnkey solutions for those wishing to receive the same level of care that can be expected from a retirement facility but in the comfort of their homes. By adopting the best hospitality practices and technology solutions, they address both the medical and lifestyle requirements of the elderly.

iWEECARE (Taiwan)

iWEECARE is an industry leader in the development of the smallest cloud connected thermometer. Temp Pal®, is a wireless body temperature monitoring solution, offering convenient and real-time monitoring and alerts. The thermometer is a flexible, thin patch providing a child-friendly solution for monitoring users whilst they are sleeping.

Lumen Security (Canada)

Lumen Security is a Canadian based company that has developed a pre-hospital triage management solution to attach onto existing tourniquets, to assist hemorrhage control monitoring to manage and stop severe bleeding.

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